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On Moving Day

  • Plan to spend the entire day at the house.
  • Don't leave until the movers have gone.
  • Carry jewellery and valuable documents yourself, or use registered mail.
  • Stay with the moving crew to oversee the inventory
  • Tell packers and/or drivers about fragile or precious items
  • Do a final tour of the entire house -double check closets, drawers and shelves to be sure they are empty
  • Double check with the driver to make certain the moving company records show the correct delivery address and date of delivery.
  • Give driver phone numbers eg: a neighbour, your mobile number, and a phone number in your new community to contact you in case of a problem.
  • Get complete routing information the driver and phone numbers where you can call the driver or company while en route.
  • Lock all doors and windows. Advise your real estate agent and neighbours that the house is empty.
  • Leave all keys with the new owner, real estate agent or neighbour
  • Let close friends and relatives know your route, including overnight stops.

After You Arrive

  • Check on service of electricity, phone gas etc. at new address
  • Check hot water service is working
  • Obtain phone numbers for emergencies, such as fire, police, ambulance and nearest hospital
  • Have new address recorded on driver's license or obtain a new one
  • Register your car after arrival if in a new state, to avoid penalty
  • Register children in school
  • Register to vote